E mitra Kiosk in Rajasthan What difference it is making

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What Difference e mitra kiosk is making

To simplify government processes, to save time and file process, e Mitra kiosk was introduced as a CSC program covering a wide area and services. e Mitra (E-Mitra) is a CSC program designed by the Government of Rajasthan to help the citizens and provide many government and non-government services.

E Mitra kiosks are installed in every city, town and village just to ensure that all the benefits and services of the government are reaching its real beneficiaries.

To evaluate the success of eMitra, we can visit any village where eMitra Kiosk processes many queries and services. As EMitra works on over 490+ services, one can imagine how EMitra is becoming a huge help.

Is E-Mitra making any difference in the lives of the citizens of the state?

21-year-old, Manish Kashyap of District Dungarpur is preparing for his RAS exam. He told me how E Mitra helped him to fill the form and get the domicile certificate.

“I was preparing for the exam when the last date to fill the examination form was very close. I checked all my documents to submit but found out that I did not have my domicile certificate. I got worried because it was one of the important documents to attach. I went to the e Mitra center because following the regular procedure could have deprived me of exams. The e Mitra kiosk helped me in the process of filing the domicile certificate and I received my certificate before the last date of submission. This saved my entire year of preparation and I was able to take my exam without any hassle. I thank E-Mitra for his prompt services.

Such stories are a perfect example to understand the importance of e-Mitra in our daily lives which prove that e Mitra is making a big change in our daily life. Whether paying bills or filling exam forms, booking tickets, or obtaining various certificates, you can count on e Mitra.

Every state has its own CSC program to address civil welfare and needs, but e Mitra is the leading, widely spread, and easily accessible of all. Other states are still working towards the foundation of their CSC program while the Rajasthan government has taken a big leap. The Rajasthan government is no longer on a foundation footing, they are incredibly moving towards expanding e Mitra every day. To Go The Official Website Of Emitra Click Hear

These services inevitably touch our daily lives. Among other states, e Mitra has touched the life of a citizen due to its efficient work and successful implementation.

E mitra Kiosk in Rajasthan What difference it is making?