Emitra Kiosk Earning

How Much Emitra Kiosk Earn? Every kiosk Owner before opening emitra want to know that. By The Way, We Cannot Estimate Income From Emitra Kiosk. But Whenever We Tell You That The More Work You Do, The More Money You Will Earn. That Is, You Should Do All Kinds Of Tasks Like Filling The Online Form, Having Complete Internet Information, Satisfying The Customer, And The Way Of Speaking Also Proves To Be Important. So Much Emitra Kiosk Earn? its Depends on the Kiosk Owner.

How To Increase Income

  1. You Will Also Have To Install A Photo Copy Machine In Your Shop, This Will Also Increase Your Income.
  2. You Must Also Have A Color Printer To Print The Color Photocopy.
  3. There Should Also Be A Camera To Capture Photos
  4. A Binding Machine Will Also Have To Be Installed To Create The File
  5. You Have To Give A Lot Of Service That Will Increase Your Income
  6. Lamination Machine

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Now We Tell You How Much Money You Will Get, Normally You Can Earn 10000 Rs Per Month And There Is No Upper Cap In Commission. Some Emitra Kiosk Who Is In A+ Emitra Category Are Earning In Lacks, It Depend On How Many Machines / Accessories You Have Installed. Emitra Gives You Commission According To The Work You Will Do. Monthely Kiosk Commission  Automatically Added To Your Emitra Wallet On 1-5 Of The Month.

Where Will Be The Most Income

Most Of The Income Is In Front Of Coaching And Tehsil Offices, Because Many People Come To Study In Coaching And They Never Fill The Form Around The House And Fill The Form Near The Coaching And Get Photo Copy.

And In Front Of Tehsil There Is A Lot Of Income By Opening Emitra In Front Of Or Around The Tehsil, Because The Whole City Or The Entire Village Comes In The Tehsil, The Daily Work Of The People In The Tehsil.

How Much Does It Cost To Open EMitra Kiosk

There Are Many Companies Who Can Open Emitra. These Companies Are Called Lsps. The Cost Of Taking Your Emitra Id Varies From 3000 To 7000 Thousand, So All Have Different Charges. Talking Together In Total

  1. Emitra License Fees (According To Lsp)
  2. 200 Rupees Stamp Paper.
  3. Police Character Certificate Of Rs 250.

Emitra Shop Accessories:-

  1. Computer For Rs. 20,000 (You Can Do It On A Laptop Or Desktop, I Will Give You The Opinion That You Should Do It Only Because The Desktop Is Cheaper And It Also Makes The Store Look Good.
  2. Color Printer For Rs 10,000 (Epson Printer Is The Best)
  3. Photo Copy Machine Rs 70,000 (Canon Ir3300 / 2200)
  4. Camera For Rs 5,000 (You Can Take Any Camera) You Can Also Take A Photo From Your Photo.
  5. Binding Machine 1800 Rupees.
  6. Lamination Machine Rs 3000.
  7. Internet Charges (According To The Internet Plan.)

These Are The Expenses Of Each Machine, You Can Get Them All As Per Your Convenience.