How to Open E mitra in Rajasthan 2021

e mitra is an ambitious Project of goverment of Rajasthan. Currentaly there are 70000+ e mitra in Rajasthan giving 500+ services to citizen. if you want to open new e mitra in rajasthan this post is for you. Hear we tell you how to open e mitra in rajasthan, read till the end of the post.

If you are reading this article to know about e Mitra Rajasthan then you are absolutely right.

Today I will give you all the information related to open e Mitra and what can be done with e Mitra ? And under this, how to open e Mitra and how to login e Mitra,

I am going to tell you such things.
  1. The e Mitra Governance initiative was launched by the Government of Rajasthan in which benefits of various government schemes are given to citizens through a window.
  2. The objective behind the creation of e Mitra portal by the government is to provide convenience and transparency to the citizens.
  3. e Mitra is a portal from where citizens of the state are given many facilities online using the “PPP model”.
  4. Citizens are served under e Governance Service through e Mitra.
  5. Such as the convenience of paying indigenous, caste certificate, birth certificate, ration card, Bhamashah card, Aadhaar card, water bill payment, electricity bill payment, mobile and television etc.
  6. The Rajasthan government has developed an e Mitra portal that works online and offline in 33 districts to benefit various functions of the government.

e mitra Portal Benifit

The objective of the government behind introducing e Mitra is to bring various services of the government under one roof.

The government wants that their citizens do not have to go to different offices to get different work done.

Through online e Mitra, a lot of work can be done under one roof through internet.

Another great feature of e Mitra is that this e Mitra portal is always working,  citizens can avail the service through e Mitra portal 365 days a year whenever they want to avail any service.

To avail of e Mitra service,

citizens have to register their sso id and after that done e Mitra registration, e Mitra Login ID and Password is sent to their Registered Email.

All the work of citizen e Mitra, e mitra SSO, e Mitra Rajasthan online in one place. Can take advantage of only when they have e Mitra Login id and password.

Do you also want to do e Mitra registration? 

If your answer is yes, then read this article further.

Next, we will tell you about the services of e Mitra and will also give information about your earnings on it. But before that we know

how to open e Mitra portal?


Eligibility For Open E mitra in Rajasthan

e Mitra registration has been started only for the people of Rajasthan, i.e. only the people of Rajasthan can take advantage of e Mitra.

The person must be at least 18 years of age to obtain an e Mitra Login ID.

Internet information computers and computer related equipment.

A fix place for e Mitra Service center from where citizens can be served with eMitra. (Ie. a small shop)


Document Required For Open e mitra in Rajasthan

Before Applying For E mitra registration First Prepair thease document

Aadhaar card
Pan card
Bank passbook
Gmail account
Mobile no.
10 th marksheet
Police Verification
Kiosk Address
E mitra form

Download Application Form for e-Mitra KIOSK

Note: – To do e mitra registration you have to do Sso registration and we are going to tell you the process of Sso registration below.


Emitra SSO id Registration Process

The facility of emitra SSO is provided only to the people of Rajasthan, so if you want to get emitra SSO ID, to do this you must first be a citizen of Rajasthan.

To do emitra SSO id Rajasthan Registration.

first of all, you have to go to emitra SSO Rajasthan’s official website

As soon as you go to the website of online emitra SSO Rajasthan, some such page will open in front of you, where you will see two options, first login and second is registration.


E Mitra Portal Service And Emitra Rate List

Here we are going to inform you about the major services of E Mitra.

In short emitra’s key services are

Jan Aadhaar Card

Bhamashah Card

Aadhaar Card

PAN card

income certificate

caste certificate

Residence certificate

electricity bill payment

Gas bill payment

water bill payment

banking service

mobile recharge

utility bill payment Seva

Application for license to sell fertilizer

Application for Cell Permission

water storage tank subsidy aavedan

Keep in mind: – There are many more services offered by eMitra.

if you want to download emitra rate list pdf Click Hear