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New e mitra Registration Process 2021

So Friends As You All Know That In Today’s Post, We Are Going To Know about New e mitra Registration and emitra login, New Emitra Registration Process is very easy. Those People Who Get The New E Mitra Id And Don’t Know The Process Of New Emitra Registration Hear You Can Find The Full Process To Activate E mitra Kiosk First Time Or First Login.

When We Take E Mitra Kiosk In Our Name, A Lot Of Work Remains After New E mitra Registration. I Am Going To Inform You About This In This Post.

Friends, In The Last Post, I Already Told How To Take The New E Mitra Kiosk. If You Haven’t Read That Post Yet You Can Read It Hear.

Friends, As Soon As You Get Your New E Mitra Id, Then You Have To Activate It With Three Steps. If You Don’t Complete All These Three Steps, Then You Will Not Be Able To Run Your E Mitra Kiosk.

All Thease Steps Are Very Important for emitra login Which You Have To Follow Carefully.

Rajdhaara (Rajdhara Survey App)

Friends, If You Get Your E Mitra Id, Then You Have To Do Gio Tagging As A First Step.

If You Don’t Do This, Than Department Impose Penalty On E Mitra Kiosk.

rajdhara app

rajdhara app download image

What Is Rajadhara Application?

This Is An Android Mobile Application. Which Are Made By The Government Of Rajasthan. In Which You Also Have To Upload Your E Mitra Location And Banner (Rate List And Co Branded). Through This App, Doit&C Confirms Your E Mitra Id. This Is The Only Work Done By This App.

How To Verify With Rajdhar App?

To Verify Your Emitra With This App, First Of All You Download And Install This App In Your Smart Phone And After That You Have To Open It.

As Soon As You Open Rajdhaara App, You Will Be Asked To Login With Your Sso Id. In Which You Have To Enter Your Sso Id Containing E-Mitra And Login. And You Have To Turn On Your Location So That Your Address Will Be Verified.

After That You Have Got A 6 Digit Id Which You Have To Write On The Emitra Banner And Also Write The Name Of Your Emitra Kiosk.

Friends, If You Have Received Emitra Banner From Lsp, Then You Will Have To Ask For An E Mitra Banner From Your Lsp Or At Printing Press.

After Doing All This, You Have To Open The Rajdhaara Application And Take A Live Photo Of That Banner’s And Upload It On The App. Just Here Your First Step Will Be Completed.

Panchayat Functions

Friends, In The Second Step, You Have To Verify Your Document At Panchayat Samiti. Rajasthan Government Appoint Programmer And Ia Who Moniter Emitra.  Your E-Mitra Id Will Be Activated Only After Approved By Programmer.

So You Have To Verify Your Documents You Gave To Your Lsp While Taking E Mitra, You Will Have To Go To Your Panchayat By Taking All The Documents And There You Will Find Programmer Or Ia Who Do The Work Of Approval. You Have To Go And Talk About Emitra Activation.

There You Will Have To Write A Small Application And Do Your Signature.

After Doing So Such Work, You Will Get Your Emitra Certificet Which You Have To Print.

Here Your Second Step Step Gets Completed. Now Let’s Move To The Third Step.

SSO Set Up

This Will Be Your Last Phase, In Which Your Emitra Kiosk Will Be Ready To Work. So To Setup It, You Will Have To Login To Sso With Your E Mitra Sso Id And After That You Will Get An EMitra login Option In Which You Will Have To Log In By Scanning Your Finger. After Login, The Manage User Will Appear On The Right Side, In Which You Have To Click.

New E mitra Registration and emitra login

new emitra center registration process in rajasthan and emitra login

New E mitra Registration

As You Can See In The Image Above, After Going To Manage User, You Have To Click On Manage User.

After That You Have To Insert All The Things As You See In The Image. First Of All, You Have To Enter Your Aadhaar Number, The Correct Details Will Come By Yourself. After Filling Up The Complete Details, You Are Able To Click On Save.

After Doing Just This Much Work, You Will Get E Mitra All Services.

So Friends In This Post You Know About New E mitra Registration.

If You Want New E mitra Registration, Open New Emitra in Rajasthan Send Enquiry Now.

New E mitra Registration | Free Emitra Id